Amazing Storybooks
Amazing Storybooks
More than 100 wonderful pages

Amazing Storybooks

8 legendary stories told like never before

Amazing Storybooks is an app with 8 wonderful stories for children and kids from 2 years old and up to 8 or even more.

All our storybooks have a truly amazing and unique illustrations, there is also voice over narration, but you can turn that option off, for as we know - storybooks are enjoyed best when a parent is reading them to her or his child.

Amazing Storybooks contain some interactive elements to make the kids feel and enjoy the storybooks even more. The focus however is on A STORY and not on gaming, as we would like every child to follow a story that is being told rather than mindlessly pressing the screen for things to pop up. For kids who are learning to read, we have added an extra option with text in capital letters or in lower case.

The 8 Amazing Storybooks are: Little Red Riding Hood, The Tortoise and the Hare, The Old Man of the River, The Three Little Pigs, The Ugly Duckling, Rapunzel, Penny Pennypot in Little Mermaid.

We have made two of those stories for free, please look in the in-app purchase at an Amazing Bundle to get the remaining 6 stories for a very special price.

Available on the Apple App Store for your iPhone and iPad.

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About us
We make Storybooks and other useful and educational apps for kids

Our mission

Mobile technology doesn't have to be all bad for our kids

Whether we want to or not, our kids are growing up in a world of mobile technology. Our mission is to create apps that are safe, fun and very useful for education.

We have made sure that Amazing Storybooks app is safe to use for even our youngest of children. There are no ads and no external web links in the app. We opted to not use any analytics, as we don't want to collect any personal data from our users, furthermore we did not include a rating pop-up, but would still love to get a 5 star rating from you if you like the app:).

We put a lot of work and love into this app and we truly hope you and especially your children will enjoy it as much as we did making it. Please give us a great rating and contact us bellow if you have any problems or suggestions.


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